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Winter Solstice 2011
Birchmere, Dec. 27, 2011

The wonderful Voice newspaper (support your local newssources!) sent their ace newsphotographer, Julie Wiatt to cover our traditional Takoma Park Gazebo Winter Solstice celebration. We had quite a crowd due to the mild weather and our reputation, of course. Border, Mummer's Play and the ever-popular horn dance played to the crowd's expectations and maybe even their unexpectations. (Dec. 22, 2011)

For the same event, Sarah Voisin of the Washington Post did a stunning photo essay about the Winter Solstice and included nine photos of our traditional Takoma Park Gazebo performance. You can find her photo essay here.

Jennifer Cutting's Ocean Orchestra invited us to perform two dances on stage for their Solstice Concert at the Birchmere. We rocked the house with, as one person put it, a "testosterone tsunami." Check out this review and this very amusingly written blog. But best of all, check out this nearly continuous series of photos taken by the Birchmere of us and our newest dance by Andrew Marcus!

photo cr. Julie Wiatt, Voice 2011

photo cr. Sarah Voisin, Washington Post 2011

photo cr. unknown Bichmere Music Hall 2011

May Day 2010

We danced up the Dawn in our usual way on May 1st and a photoblog of our successful efforts at the gazebo showed up by the end of the weekend. Then, we were spotted at Columbia Heights later that morning by a number of people. Interesting May Day Celebration in Columbia Heights Plaza. We were also featured in the DCist blog (scroll down to the "Dance" section) thanks to the Squire's wife sending out a calendar listing.

photo credit: Mr. T in DC photoblogs

Also, we are apparently a British team, despite having the name "Foggy Bottom." (As mentioned in an article in The (Shepherdstown) Journal about May Day.)

Newly minted squire caught by wildlife capture photo in natural environment. Makes cover of local newspaper (Takoma Voice May 2009).

Takoma Voice cover June 2009

Click here for a lovely slideshow constructed by our friends at Takoma Voice of May Day 2009 at the Gazebo.

We also seem to be in a random blog about "global festivals you should visit" from a 2008 AAA guide.


Here are some thrilling photos of the Foggy Bottom Morris Men in action during various "Ales" locally, in Vermont and in the Pacific Northwest. We also travel to Canada every few years and to England approximately every five years.

For many many more pictures, View Andrew's Photo Gallery

The National Archives Bethesda, MD Fells Point, Baltimore
Vancouver, BC Eastern Market, in Washington D.C. Getting some air in Fells Point
Showing some hanky in Bethesda On the north terrace of the Capitol At the Brattleboro, VT Farmer's Market
Fells Point, Baltimore The Church Stretton Street Festival, Shropshire, UK Red Square at Fells Point
The masked Border men get some hang time 'Shooting' at the Takoma Park Folk Festival The Upton on Severn stick dance
London, Ontario 'The Challenge' at Eastern Market 'Hands Across'


May Day Tour 2009 The Smithsonian staff caught sight of us outside the National Portrait Gallery, ran outside with equipment and edited this rather nice 3 minute documentary. You'll see clips of at least two different dances.

October 2007 30th Anniversary Ale Strictly speaking, this is Funkytown Morris Men, a young splinter group of Foggy Bottom Morris showing off their enthusiasm and energy.

February 2007 FSGW Midwinter Festival Folklore Society of Greater Washington tolerates morris invasions at their minifest in February. Here we show a stick dance originally written by the Binghamton Morris Men entitled, "Binghamton Stick Dance."

(Same Festival) And here we demonstrate a hanky dance, "Rose Tree (for 8)." Note awesome four-man hay in the middle of the chorus for which, alas, the cameraman zooms in too much.

April 2009 Cherry Blossom Tour Our annual Cherry Blossom Tour usually includes a few out-of-town teams. Here we see a mass dance on the US Capitol West Terrace with Albemarle Morris Men (Virginia), Kingsessing Morris (Pennsylvania), Ann Arbor Morris (Michigan), & Cold Barn Morris (Ontario).

Winter Solstice 2009 Occasionally, local musicians ask us to write an original dance to go with their music. Here we dance the "Solstice" dance to the original composition of award-winning local folkie and composer Jennifer Cutting.

April 2002 Cherry Blossom Tour Jackson Square; here is a 2-man jig form we reserve for the irrepresible or the pub-bound.

Winter Solstice 2006 We traditionally do a stand at the gazebo near town center in Takoma Park, MD every winter. Here, we perform the venerable Abbots Bromley Horn Dance in a ritualistic style.

Winter Solstice 2006 Mummer's Play (pt I) Here we see the boys ham it up in their usual irreverant way. Mummer's Plays are an old English tradition of folk plays; the audience expects certain lines and hurls very traditional heckling backtalk (in sync whenever possible). The stick dance is called "Fiddler's Rest," for obvious reasons.

Winter Solstice 2006 Mummer's Play (pt II)"Oh, terrible! Horrible! What have you done?!"