Who are the Foggy Bottom Morris Men?

The Foggy Bottom Morris Men perform morris dance at festivals, private events, street-corners, and drinking establishments. As you can see in our photos, we are a fine bunch of fellows who know how to have fun - wouldn't you like to be one of us?

What is morris dancing, you ask? It is a lively English folk dance, invigorated by clashing sticks, flashing handkerchiefs, and jangling bells, performed to the beat of toe-tapping live music from a concertina, accordion, and sometimes a fiddle and a drum. We perform what are known as Cotswold morris dances (from villages in the beautiful English Cotswold region near Oxford), as well as wild-looking Border Morris dances, sword dances, and (in the Winter Holiday season) a mummer's play.

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It is our goal to keep this energetic and fun tradition going by introducing it to the next generations. With a little advance notice, we are available to explain, demonstrate and engage any audience in this unique dance form. Beyond our regular public venues, we have also recently performed/taught at:

  • the Takoma Park (MD) Library for their winter holiday celebration;
  • with the Washington Revels for their holiday show at Lisner in December
  • Fort Hunt Elementary School (VA) as part of an after-school English culture unit where we had a large number of excited fourth through sixth graders up and dancing; and
  • at Walt Whitman High School in Montgomery County, MD during their Shakespeare Festival where we taught about fifty teenagers a dance!
  • at a private May Merriment celebration in Cleveland Park!